Dubai Restaurants Group is now UAE Restaurants Group

UAE Restaurants Group will now act on a national level as a voice for the restaurant industry. Almost 2 years since it’s launch, Dubai Restaurants Group (DRG) has become a federal entity of its own. Now acting on a national level, DRG has been renamed to UAE Restaurants Group and will bring in new board members to represent other emirates. The group was formed in July 2020 under the direct patronage of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and chaired by Mubarak Bin Fahad.
Moving beyond just Dubai, board member Naim Maadad explained the development to Caterer Middle East. He said: “The unity with the other emirates makes it a federal positioning, this makes us a voice at a very high level. We will be representing and advocating restaurant voices around the country. “We will invite new board members so that every emirate will be represented. Everyone will have the means to voice concerns, ideas and issues. Whoever sits around a table with us will be a restaurant owner or investor who can represent everyone’s voice. When it was first formed, DRG was on a mission to give a “united voice” to a “fragmented F&B sector,” as board member Kunal Lahori put it. In its new form, UAE Restaurants Group maintains the same vision. Maadad added: “The whole idea is to represent the local rules everywhere. Every emirate has variations. While the approach is under a big umbrella, there will be differences. Our endeavour is to unite the industry. “Alignment is key, another is making sure voices are represented through the right channels. Lastly is making sure we assist in driving the gastronomic and hospitality sector.” Giving an example of initiatives the new group is looking to enact, UAE Restaurants Group is looking to provide onboarding members with a comprehensive supply chain information pack, making launching and maintaining restaurants much more efficient. He revealed: “We really want to encourage members to sign up for the simple reason they will get relevant information and be the first to know what is going on. We are collating the entire supply chain information. All the supplier’s lists will be there. If you are coming from abroad, it will be a very useful list. This will only be accessible to members. If you are a member, you have access to a wealth of information and you have a voice.”

Source: The Caterer